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How to turn on the frame?

1.Plug the power cord(input:100-240V) into an outlet.

2.Connect the other end of your power cord to DC-5V port on the back of the frame.

3. The starting logo will appear as soon as the frame turns on, it will take around 50 seconds to pass Frameo and Feelcare logo, then you can see language selection page.

Note:if the frame was turned off by power button and it was not unplugged, to turn on the frame please press and hold the power button for few seconds till you see the starting logo.

How to turn off the frame?

Option 1: Press the power button and hold for 2 seconds till you see “Power off” “Reboot” on the screen, tap “Power off” and wait for few seconds till the screen went off.

Option 2: Tap the power icon  in the top right corner of the screen to access the power menu. Here you can power off or restart your frame and make it go into sleep mode.

Note: Make sure to always use the power off button on the device or in the power menu to turn Frameo off. Never disconnect power when Frameo is running.

How to set up the frame?

After the starting logo passed,

1.select language,

2.Connect WiFi

After the frame shows WiFi connected, wait for few seconds, if you see “Already up to date” , then go to the next step, if you see “Update Frameo” then tap “DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL” to download the updates first before you go to the next step.

3.Set the frame name, location, timezone

4.Tap to get the latest code of the frame

5.Tell your family and friends to download Frameo app and send them the code, after they entered the code in the app and shows friend added they can send photos to your frame.

Note: each code is valid for 12 hours only,  if the code is expired you can get another code by tapping the friend icon on the frame.