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Feelcare, Qualify Wifi Digital Picture Frame Since 2016

Feelcare, Qualify Wifi Digital Picture Frame Since 2016, is a totally new concept of sharing photos or small videos with people you love. When you are travelling, when you are having fun with your friends, when you are having your big day, when your kid is having a birthday party, there are moments you want to share with your parents, grandparents, relatives or friends, you just need to take a photo or a small video and send it immediately to the feelcare wifi photo frame and let them feel the joy you feel, tell them by photo or video that no matther where you are, you always miss them and care for them.


Breathe new life into your photos with Feelcare smart photo frame

Today most of us have a smartphone and more than ever we use it to take photos. We can share these photos on social media, but many of them never leave our computers or phones. Feelcare smart digital photo frame now makes it possible to receive photos right from your smartphone to your photo frame - no matter where you are in the world.

What makes the Feelcare photo frame special is that it is connected to the internet and can receive photos right from a smartphone - also from friends and family. Share everything from the party last weekend to photos of your kids or the summer vacation - with Feelcare digital photo frame it is easy to share your photos in a secure and private way.

With its elegant design the Feelcare photo frame becomes part of the home together with traditional photo frames. But where a normal photo frame only shows one photo, the Feelcare photo frame can show up to 5000 photos.

Your photos need to be seen

Now it is over with photos only existing on social media or your smartphone. Your photos can create much more joy for you and others by leaving the phone. Feelcare photo frame breathes new life into your photos and make them part of your everyday life in a whole new way. You can even send a short caption along with your photo that will appear on the screen.

You can adjust what hours of the day the frame should be active - that way you don't have to turn it off, when you go to bed at night. You also decide whether the frame should be placed horizontally or vertically, as the Feelcare photo frame will register this and adjust the photos accordingly. It is of course also possible to fill up your Frames with photos without using an internet connection as Feelcare frame supports import photos from a micro SD card(maximum 32GB) or an USB drive(maximum 64GB).

Everybody can use Feelcare

It is easy getting started using your Feelcare photo frame. You just follow the simple instructions and download the Frameo app to your smartphone. Enter the ID code of the frame in the app and you are ready to send photos to the photo frame.

From here you can share the ID code of your frame with all the people you want to receive photos from. As long as your Feelcare photo frame is turned on and is online, you can receive photos or videos from friends and family - no matter where they are in the world. You will get a notification on the frame when you receive a new photo or video. It is the perfect way to stay connected with the people you love the most.

Contiously satisfy the needs of our customers

Feelcare wifi photo frame got “the best touch screen wifi photo frame” and “the best large size digital photo frame” awards by New York Magazine (the Strategist) in year 2019. Feelcare continuously developing new design models wifi digital photo frames each year to satisfy the needs of our customers.