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Frameo app from App store or Google play

Tap “Add friend” on frame menu to get the code of the frame, pass this code to your family and friends.

(this code is valid for 12 hours only, if the code expired you can tap“Add friend” again to get the latest code.)

Enter the code in Frameo app on your phone, you will see a sentence pop up “a new frame has been added” if your phone has connected with the frame

Choose photos or video from phone album and select photos or video you want to send






Select maximum 10 photos at a time Select recipients, you can send photos to more than one recipients at the same time


 You can write captions for each individual photo or video

You can write captions for a group of photos

Select the most important part: this part doesn’t mean you will only send the circled part but it means this part will be the center of the picture no matter the frame is in portrait or landscape.

After the photo was sent successfully there will be a notification message on the phone and also on the frame