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1.Q: Does the owner of the frame have to do anything to see the pictures or do they just pop up automatically when sent?

A: No, the owner doesn't have to do anything and the pictures will auto pop up in slideshow list, but there will be a message on top of the screen remind the owner about the new arrived picture, you can also turn off the notifications from: Settings---Notifications---Show notifications.

2.Q:Can i download photos from my computer to the digital frame?

A: The photos can not be download directly from computer to the digital frame through USB cable or WiFi, but you can copy the photos to a micro SD card or USB drive, then upload the photos to the frame. (You need to get an OTG adapter cable to connect the USB drive with the frame)

3.Q:Why can’t i see my photos from the Frameo app on my phone?

A: If you can't access to your phone gallery of pictures please go to your phone settings and give permission to Frameo app to read and write your gallery, the path as below:Settings---Privacy---Photos---Frameo--ALLOW PHOTOS ACCESS-- Read and Write

4.Q: My code is expired, how do i get another one?

A: Each code is valid for 12 hours only, if the code is expired you can get another code by tapping “Add friend” on the frame.

5.Q: I copied some photos from my computer to micro SD card(32GB), and i put these photos in 2 separate files, why can’t i see the photos from the frame?

A:This is because the frame can’t read any information in a file, you have to move the photos out of the file first, then the frame can read it.

6.Q: How do you turn up volume for videos?

A: To ajust volume please go to: Settings---Display and slideshow---Notification volume or Video volume.

7.Q: When I share the code with friends, what can they see on their end? The app wants to access my photo gallery, can friends see the photos in the gallery?

A:The app is only for sending pictures to the frame over the internet. There is no management or viewing of frame from app. The frame slide show setup, deleting photos and other settings can only be done directly from the frame.

8.Q:How many phones can be connected to one frame? Like if we got this for grandparents could all the grandkids send photos or just one?

A: Up to 521 phones can be connected to one frame, so it is no problem that all your family can send photos to the frame.

9.Q:How do you delete a picture from the frame?

A: Please follow the steps as below: Settings—Manage photos—Delete photos, Select photos that you want to permanently delete from your frame by tapping the photo. Use  to select or deselect all and  to permanently delete the selected photos.

10.Q: How to make Fit to frame for all photos? I have hundreds of photos and i don’t want to adjust it one by one.

A: The Fill frame option is the default. The photo is scaled so that it fills the whole screen. It will be centered around what is selected as the most important part.

Fit to frame will make sure that the entire photo is shown on the screen. You can change the default to Fit to frame by the following steps: Settings---Display and slideshow---Fill frame, Check to set default to fill which makes the photos fit the device screen according the most important part of the photo. Uncheck to make the photo fit inside the screen of the device, adding blurred bars on the sides or top/bottom